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14 December 2016

Competition – win a £50 Cosyfeet voucher!

It’s a phenomenon that’s mystified people for years. Why are there so many single socks? And where do their partners go? We’d love to hear what you think...

The mystery of the missing sock!

We’ve all been the victim of a pair of socks that went into the wash together but came out single. So where did the other sock go? No-one seems to have a foolproof answer.

What do you think happens to missing socks? Where do they end up? We’d love to hear your ideas. Simply email your theory to by 1st December and our favourite one will receive a £50 Cosyfeet voucher.

In the meantime, we've asked some of our staff at Cosyfeet for their ‘missing sock’ theories...


“Perhaps they go and find more interesting partners?”


“They go to the same place as my missing pens.”


“Maybe socks are cannibals and eat each other when they’re in the dryer?”


“I think they become sock puppets and run off to join the circus.”

Terms and Conditions:
By submitting an entry to our 'Missing Socks' competition you are consenting to us using your name on our website and in future email newsletters. Competition entries must be received by 1st December 2012. No cash alternative. We reserve the right to withdraw this competition at any time.