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16 December 2016

Cosyfeet in the run up to Christmas

This week we spoke to Nick Brine, our Operations Director, and asked him what it’s like to work at Cosyfeet during its busiest time of year.

Working at Cosyfeet in the run up to Christmas

Nick BrineNick Brine is the Operations Director at Cosyfeet. We’ve been talking to him about what his job involves and what it’s like to work at the company during its busiest time of year.

What does your job as Operations Director entail?

Managing operations for Cosyfeet is a diverse role.  I have overall responsibility for our Contact Centre, Fulfilment Team, Returns Team, IT and Telephone systems. In recent years we have worked to improve our systems and processes, enabling us to respond well to increased seasonal demands.

At this time of year having flexible, reliable staff is critical and we have a great team. In addition to our contracted staff we increase our staffing for seasonal peaks using friends and family.

What do you enjoy most about working at Cosyfeet?

The team here are like my extended family. The business has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which makes being at work a pleasure. There are some great characters who keep the working day interesting and full of laughs.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job at this time of year?

Ensuring that there are enough staff to help us meet our customer promise.

We all have specific roles within the business but during peak periods any of us may be found taking calls from customers, serving in the shop or helping to pick and pack orders in the warehouse.

How many orders are packed and despatched every day in the lead up to Christmas?

Order volumes rise steadily from the middle of November and stay high throughout December. Our peak week is usually the first week of December when we will be fulfilling around 2000 orders per day.

What are the most popular products sold at this time of year?

Slippers and socks, particularly our Super Soft bed socks.

What's on your Christmas list this year?

I tend to focus more on what my 2 daughters have on their lists than any list of my own. I’ll be looking forward to a little down time with my family.

And finally! Have you bought your Christmas presents yet?

I’m not very organised or particularly imaginative when it comes to buying gifts. It’ll be last minute internet shopping for me again this year. Thank heavens for Next Day delivery!