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14 January 2019

Enjoy relaxing at home this Easter

It looks as though it’s going to be a chilly Easter so why not take the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing pursuits in the comfort of your home.

Enjoy staying in this Easter

Normally at this time of year we’d be out and about enjoying the spring sunshine but with the weather as it is, snuggling up indoors seems much more appealing! We’ve got some great products to help you make the most of the long weekend at home.

Rediscover the pleasure of reading with the Easy Reader

If you love reading but find holding books difficult or painful, this height adjustable, hands-free book holder is for you. It can be easily used in bed, propped up on your chest or a pillow allowing you to read for longer without tiring your hands, arms or neck muscles. The Easyreader is lightweight and easy to use, doubles up as a document holder and can also be attached to a PC Monitor.

Easy Reader

Pamper yourself with our luxurious lavender products

Has the recent harsh weather left your skin in need of some pampering? Then take advantage of our special offer and buy 3 premium-quality, lavender products for only £25 - saving you £4.85! Simply enter the code LAV25 at the basket when ordering. Our soothing Lavender Gel is ideal for rough or dry skin while our sumptuous Lavender Hand Cream will moisturise, soothe and rejuvenate winter hands. Or why not relax with a few drops of uplifting Lavender Oil in a warm bath.


Put your feet up and encourage better circulation with the Restaleg

This exceptionally, comfy footstool is specially designed to reduce pressure on your legs and encourage healthy blood flow. It’s adjustable in height and automatically tilts to a comfortable angle, completely supporting your lower legs and feet. The Restaleg is surprisingly lightweight so it’s easy to carry from room to room and the soft, foam cushion is covered with an attractive, leather-look fabric that can be wiped clean.


Keep your brain active with our Brain Puzzle Compendium!

This touch-screen game, with large screen and adjustable back light, is easy to use and read. It has an unlimited number of crossword puzzles in a variety of grid sizes and uses the Collins dictionary database. The Brain Puzzle Compendium includes a crossword solver, spell-checker, anagram finder, Sudoku, wordoku, chess and draughts and has multiple skill levels for each activity.