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Extra roomy socks
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20 May 2022

Enjoy blissful comfort with our collection of extra roomy socks

Made with more material throughout, they fit swollen feet and legs in comfort and are easier to get on and off a swollen foot.

Our premium-quality socks have been specially designed to ensure your feet stay comfortable for all day wear; being extra roomy they are ideal if you have sensitive or swollen feet and legs.


Extra Roomy Cotton‑rich Softhold® Socks

Extra Roomy Cotton‑rich Softhold® SocksExtra Roomy Cotton‑rich Softhold® Socks

One of our favourites, this lightweight sock is ideal for keeping swollen feet and legs cool and comfortable. The elastic-free Softhold® top doesn’t cut in, restrict circulation or leave nasty marks. It’s super-soft against your skin and the underfoot ventilation panel keeps feet cool and dry. It’s hard wearing and stretchy for added comfort.

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Fuller Fitting Socks

Fuller Fitting SocksFuller Fitting Socks

This soft, super-stretchy, extra extra roomy sock offers exceptional comfort, protection and fit to those with oedema (fluid retention), lymphoedema and other size-related problems. The special ribbed construction keeps it up securely without digging in or causing pressure. It also has a smooth join at the toe which won’t rub or irritate sensitive toes and skin.

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Extra Roomy Luxury Bamboo Seam‑free SocksExtra Roomy Luxury Bamboo Seam‑free Socks

Designed to fit swollen feet and legs, this supremely, comfy sock feels luxuriously soft against the skin. It’s made from a miracle fibre, bamboo, which has natural climate control, so you can stay comfortably cool in the summer. It’s also naturally antibacterial and odour-resistant, helping to keep feet healthy, fresh and dry. Providing a superior fit with a soft, comfort cuff that gently grips the leg, and the smooth join at the toe, it’s bliss for sensitive feet.

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Supreme Comfort Socks

Supreme Comfort SocksSupreme Comfort Socks

Made from a blend of soft, luxurious merino wool and high-quality cotton, these premium socks are the ultimate in comfort. They're breathable and have in-built climate control, helping to keep feet fresh, dry and comfy. They’re also super-stretchy to give a superb fit for swollen legs.

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