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Fitting Expert Reviews
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21 June 2024

Reviews from our Fitting Expert

It can be hard to know which footwear is right for you, that’s why our Shop Manager and Fitting Expert, Liz, provides fitting details, reviews and advice on a selection of our styles this season.

At Cosyfeet, we believe that swollen feet should have the most comfortable, stylish footwear possible. That’s why we combine the latest trends with premium materials and expert shoemaking, providing comfort for those that need it the most. Utilising years of knowledge and experience working as Cosyfeet’s Shop Manager, our Fitting Expert, Liz, discusses details, reviews and fitting advice on a selection of our extra wide footwear this summer.



Extra wide fitting sandal - SunnyExtra wide fitting sandal - Sunny

“These sandals provide a cushioned footbed which is ideal for those with sensitive feet. The two touch-fastening straps open right up offering plenty of adjustment to accommodate very swollen feet. The adjustable heel strap is cushioned around the back so it won't cut in - I also find that it helps grip the heel for a good fit.”

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Extra wide fitting shoe - MarinaExtra wide fitting shoe - Marina

“This lightweight deck shoe is perfect when you want a cool summer style that’s not a sandal. With a classic design that works well with any outfit, the soft leather lining is blissfully comfortable against the skin. Marina is secure at the heel on a less swollen ankle and will accommodate a small amount of swelling, but this style might not be suitable if you have a lot of swelling down to your toes.”

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Extra wide fitting shoe - WoodyExtra wide fitting shoe - Woody

“This extra wide men’s boat shoe is modern and stylish but still roomy and accommodating, making it the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. The leather is soft and supple and does not have a toe puff, so it is ideal for sore or sensitive feet. Being a boat shoe, it is quite low cut all around so you do need to have moderate swelling in order for this style not to slip at the heel.”

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Extra wide fitting sandal - BrunoExtra wide fitting sandal - Bruno

“With a lovely, cushioned lining, this wide fitting sandal is great for sensitive feet. It’s very roomy so it will accommodate moderate to quite severe swelling. With two touch-fastening straps, it’s also very easily adjustable. It has an open back, so if you need more support around your heel or ankle, or if you wish to put an orthotic in, we would recommend trying Bingley as an alternative sandal.”

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