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15 December 2016

Gardening jobs for June

It’s not long until June when, hopefully, the weather will let us get out and enjoy the garden. Find out what gardening jobs the RHS recommend doing this month.

Top 10 gardening jobs for June

Whatever the time of year there’s always something to keep us busy in the garden. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, these are the top ten gardening jobs to do in June.

  1. 1. Hoe borders regularly to keep down weeds
  2. 2. Be water-wise, especially in drought-affected areas
  3. 3. Pinch out sideshoots on tomatoes
  4. 4. Harvest lettuce, radish, other salads and early potatoes
  5. 5. Position summer hanging baskets and containers outside
  6. 6. Cut lawns at least once a week
  7. 7. Plant out summer bedding
  8. 8. Stake tall or floppy plants
  9. 9. Prune many spring-flowering shrubs
  10. 10. Shade greenhouses to keep them cool and prevent scorch

If you’ve got any pictures of your garden you’d like to share, we’d love to see them. In the meantime, happy gardening!