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16 December 2016

Have you heard of SHOPS?

A campaign was recently launched to raise awareness of the SHOPS scheme among mail order customers. But what exactly is it?

SHOPS - making mail order a safe way to shop

Cosyfeet has been a member of the SHOPS scheme for many years but what exactly is it?


SHOPS stands for ‘Safe Home Ordering Protection Scheme’. It protects readers of national newspapers by compensating them if an advertiser goes bust after receiving money for goods ordered. It applies to advertisements, catalogues and inserts carried in national newspapers and their supplements and includes digital facsimile versions.

For your peace of mind, any adverts showing the SHOPS logo is backed by the SHOPS promise: that if you place an order with the advertiser and they cease trading, the newspaper will ensure you get your money back.

So if you’re buying by mail order, look out for the logo that protects your money.