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12 February 2019

How Revitive IX Can Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

An active lifestyle and good health requires an individual to have good blood circulation...

An active lifestyle and good health requires an individual to have good blood circulation. The cells in the human body rely on healthy circulation to be able to deliver nutrients and oxygenated blood to feed them, and deoxygenated blood to remove waste from our bodies system. There are many different things that can cause an individual to be affected by poor blood circulation.

Age, illness, disability, and a sedentary lifestyle are all causes of poor blood circulation. The symptoms associated with poor blood circulation can affect your overall well-being and stop you from doing the things that you enjoy. Revitive IX is a circulatory booster that is designed to help to increase the amount of blood flow that your body, increasing circulation of blood, and decreasing the symptoms that poor circulation can cause.

The way that it works is actually quite simple. Revitive IX will activate the second heart in the human body. It applies electrical muscle pulses to the soles of the feet, which is the part of the body where all of the veins come together. These pulses are delivered via two large style foot pads, that you rest your bare feet on top of.

When these pulses are delivered, the muscles in your calves as well as your feet will contract, which will force them to relax and create the same pumping stimulating effect that the heart does on its own. This will allow the blood in your body to move throughout the veins that are located in your legs, back into the heart.