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3 January 2017

Keep your pets fit & healthy in 2015

With many of us making resolutions to improve our diet and health, now is the perfect time to look at whether our pets need to shape up as well.

A New Year’s regime for your pet?

Obesity rates in Britain are soaring despite warnings that we are turning into a nation of couch potatoes and unfortunately our pets are heading the same way, with approximately 1 in 3 of our pets being overweight and unfit.

A recent report by the PDSA, Cosyfeet’s charity of the year, shows that pet obesity levels are continuing to increase. 80% of vets and vet nurses now predict there will be more overweight pets than healthy pets in five years’ time, and with 5.5 million pets being fed fatty treats the pet obesity epidemic is set to balloon.

Another staggering finding is that 2.4 million dogs in the UK are not given the opportunity to exercise off the lead outside of the home or garden on a daily basis – with over 800,000 of these dogs never going for walks off the lead, and 250,000 never going for walks at all. This can lead to destructive behaviour and anxiety, as well as aggression and is also contributing to the rise in pet obesity.

Research by the PDSA shows that there are two main reasons why our pets are getting fatter: poor diet and a lack of exercise. With this in mind, the charity have devised a series of leaflets containing diet and exercise advice. To download these leaflets for free, go to

Happy New Year