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Warm Socks
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27 October 2023

Socks to keep you warm all season

Keep chilly toes and feet insulated this season with the warmest socks in our range.

Moving into the later months, there’s a definite chill in the air. If you suffer from poor circulation, or your feet just tend to feel the cold, we have a great selection of premium-quality socks to choose from, all designed to help keep your feet cosy and comfortable this season.


Gripped Socks

Gripped SocksGripped Socks

Perfect for padding around the house, these versatile socks feature a slip-resistant tread, while the terrycloth lining provides warmth and sumptuous softness. There’s nothing to rub or irritate, thanks to the smooth join at the toe, and loose fit at the ankle which completes the comfort.

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Cape Mohair® Medi Socks

Cape Mohair® Medi SocksCape Mohair® Medi Socks

The luxurious softness of these socks comes from the mohair content, a silk-like yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. As well as feeling incredibly comfortable this clever fibre is naturally lightweight, insulating and breathable, so it's designed to keep you warm all winter.

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Thermal Softhold® SocksThermal Softhold® Socks

If you feel the chill around your feet and ankles, then these are the socks for you. Made from a high percentage of pure wool, they’re thicker than our other Softhold® socks - this not only helps to keep feet warm, but also cushions and protects them too. The Softhold® top keeps the sock up gently, yet securely, without restricting circulation or leaving nasty marks. Available in standard and extra roomy fittings

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Super‑soft Bed Socks

Super-soft Bed SocksSuper-soft Bed Socks

A firm favourite and bestseller, our Super-soft Bed Socks will keep you warm and cosy, even on the coldest of nights. With luxuriously soft brushed yarns, and a comfortable, loose-fitting top around the ankle, they are perfect for a snuggly night’s sleep. Ideal if you have poor circulation, or if your feet tend to get cold at night. Available in standard and extra roomy fittings.

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Be sure to keep your feet cosy all season, and discover our full collection of warm socks.