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22 December 2016

Make your own ladybird tower!

Did you know it’s National Insect Week (23 – 29 June)? In recognition of the important role that insects play, we’ve got a simple ladybird tower that you can make.

Ladybird, ladybird here’s your new home!

The aim of National Insect Week (23-29 June) is to remind us of the important role that insects play.

Ladybirds in particular are considered as one of the most beneficial insects. They have a reputation for ridding plants from insect pests, especially aphids which is why they are so popular with gardeners. In fact ladybirds are capable of consuming around 50 aphids per day and will also eat scales, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers and mites.

For ladybirds to enjoy a long life it’s crucial that they have somewhere to hibernate over winter. They like to hibernate together and can often be found in their hundreds at the base of clumps of ornamental grasses. But if you haven’t any grasses, a ladybird tower will do just fine!

How to make a simple ladybird tower:

What you need:

  • Different length pieces of bamboo cane
  • Garden twine

What you need:

  • Cut a few lengths of cane around 10 – 15cm
  • Tie them together with garden twine
  • Hang from trees, bushes or garden fences

Simple! And with any luck your garden will become a haven for an army of natural pest controlling ladybirds!