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3 January 2017

PDSA crowns ‘Lazy Daisy’ pet slimmer of the year

The PDSA, our chosen charity of the year, has crowned Daisy the bulldog ‘pet slimmer of the year’ after she shed a quarter of her bodyweight.

UK pet slimmer of the year

A formerly bulging Bulldog – who was so lazy she had to be bribed with ham to exercise – has been crowned ‘pet slimmer of the year’ after shedding over a quarter of her bodyweight.

The PDSA, our chosen charity of the year, selected 11 obese pets to embark on a pet slimming and exercise regime. Daisy’s amazing transformation made her the top loser according to judges of the Pet Fit Club.

When the Pet Fit Club began in May last year, Daisy had ballooned to over 28kg (4st 6lbs), making her more than 40 per cent overweight.

PDSA crowns ‘Lazy Daisy’ pet slimmer of the year

Daisy before and after her diet, with PDSA Head Nurse Steph Williams

Owner, Gillian Turrell, had tried to help her beloved pooch to slim down – but exercise wasn’t Daisy’s thing. When out walking she’d been known to jump into any available car to catch a ride home when she’d had enough – hence her family nickname ‘Lazy Daisy’.

Gillian said: “Daisy always begged for food, and has even been known to steal things out of the fridge. I also got into the habit of spoiling her with treats and titbits. The weight crept up slowly, and I didn’t notice how big she’d got. “When I couldn’t get the car harness around her, and she was struggling to get up the stairs, I knew things had to change. So when I heard about PDSA’s Pet Fit Club, it was the perfect solution to helping her lose the weight.”

Daisy started the competition weighing in at a hefty 28.3kg but with PDSA’s help and Gillian’s determination, she was able to lose around 8kg in weight – meaning that she’s shed an impressive 27% of her bodyweight.

PDSA Senior Vet Elaine Pendlebury said: “Daisy looks absolutely amazing since shedding the pounds in Pet Fit Club. The weight loss means Daisy will feel much fitter and happier, and her life expectancy may well be improved now than she’s shed the excess weight.”

Daisy’s remarkable achievement saw her beat off heavyweight competition from other overweight pets across the UK. But they are all enjoying significant benefits to their health and wellbeing, thanks to losing weight.

Elaine Pendlebury concludes: “I’d encourage any owner who has concerns about their own pet’s weight to discuss it with their vet. Vets and nurses are there to help and can provide lots of guidance on pet feeding and exercise.”