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Behind the scenes aw23
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25 August 2023

Behind-the-scenes at our Autumn/Winter 2023 photoshoot

Enjoy a sneak peek at our new autumn collection with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

During the summer months, it’s a busy time for our creative department as they start preparing for the upcoming autumn/winter season. It’s a team effort to ensure our latest collection is ready to be showcased once the weather starts to turn a little colder, and this means having to shoot all our autumn range during the summer!

“We spend months before the photoshoots preparing for the week - covering everything from the outfits to complement the new footwear, to scenario ideas and any props required. This is so things can run as smoothly as possible while we’re there, and we don’t waste any valuable shooting time.” Elsie, Catalogue Project Manager


Shooting at Deans Court in Dorset

Shooting at Deans Court in DorsetShooting at Deans Court in Dorset

The two locations for this year’s autumn/winter shoot included the historic house and gardens of Deans Court in Dorset, as well as Upwey House, a beautiful manor house located near the Dorset coastline. "We had a day shooting at the majestic Deans Court, which is used for all sorts of things, from film sets to weddings. There were some beautiful spots in the walled gardens, an area full of lavender, on a bridge under a willow tree, with the grand house in the background to take an array of model and off-foot shots. For the remainder of the week, we stayed at Upwey House near Weymouth with the whole team (photographers, stylists, assistants and models). It's lovely to all be together, in a photoshoot bubble for the week.” Elsie, Catalogue Project Manager


Autumn in full bloom

The perfect location The perfect location

A key theme for autumn this year, features a number of floral prints, inspired by the late summer blooms and autumn flowers. “Scouting for locations is one of the biggest jobs on a photoshoot. For the floral footwear, we wanted to find somewhere which complemented the prints and patterns, without overpowering them. The greenery around this painted bench was a perfect place!" Will, Photographer


A cosy Christmas

A cosy ChristmasA cosy Christmas

It wouldn't be a winter photoshoot without Christmas.“The festive slippers couldn’t be without a decorated Christmas tree and presents. It is always amusing setting up a wintery scene in June, and this year’s shoot was on a particularly hot week!” Elsie, Catalogue Project Manager


A four-legged friend

Meet BoogieMeet Boogie

“For the walking shoes, we found a wonderful wooded area near the house that had a bridge with a stream running through it. It was lovely to spend part of our day shooting outside in nature. This year, we had the added bonus of a gorgeous blonde cockapoo dog called Boogie, who you may spot in a few of our shots! He was very friendly, well-behaved and a lovely addition to our team this year.” Elsie, Catalogue Project Manager


Anything for the shot!

Anything for a shot!Anything for a shot!

“Photography is a much more physical task than people may think - carrying all the equipment around to different locations, climbing hills, setting up in the undergrowth all to get the right angle to achieve what we set out to do. For these CosyTex™ shots, I was actually knee-deep in the very cold stream!” Will, Photographer


Getting creative in the studio

Getting creative in the studioGetting creative in the studio

“As well as spending some time on location we also take some shots in our Cosyfeet studio, and we love to get creative with our sock and hosiery ranges. We hope you love our innovative sock pine cone for autumn, which was cleverly imagined and co-ordinated by Juliette, our Creative Catalogue Manager.” Elsie, Catalogue Project Manager


Be sure to look out for some our exciting, new styles launching this autumn.