There’s no better way to celebrate summer than packing a picnic and catching up with family and friends. Enjoy getting out and about with our selection of picnic-friendly products!

Enjoy the flora & fauna!


Steffi in Garden Print

Perfect for picnicking, our lightweight floral fabrics will keep you cool and comfy on warm, summer days. 

From stick to seat in seconds

Folding Flip Stick Seat

Folding Flip Stick Seat

A comfy alternative to a picnic blanket, this lightweight yet sturdy aluminium walking stick converts to a secure seat with the press of a button. 

Going further afield?

Two Folding Hiking Poles

Folding Hiking Poles

These lightweight hiking poles are ideal if you’re walking to your picnic spot. They increase your stability and reduce impact on your joints.

The freedom to go where you want

Topro Olympus Rollator

Topro Olympus Rollator

This state-of-the-art Rollator has tough, anti-slip types which can cope with gravel, cobblestones, tree roots, fields and unkempt roads.

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