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12 February 2019

Put a smile on your feet!

May is National Smile Month so why not put a smile on your feet, as well as your face, with our five top tips.

May is National Smile Month so why not put a smile on your feet, as well as your face, with our 5 top tips.

Happy Feet

1. Wear the right socks
When it comes to happy feet, wearing the right pair of socks can be just as important as wearing the right footwear. An uncomfortable, badly-fitting sock can spoil your day. It can also be bad for your health. Socks that pinch or dig in can restrict your circulation whilst ones that don’t fit properly can rub and cause blisters. If you have diabetes or sensitive feet, we recommend our diabetic friendly socks with a smooth toe-seam.

Diabetic friendly socks

2. Treat them to a foot soak
There’s nothing quite like a foot soak to relieve the pressures of a hard day. It’s perfect for soothing tired or painful feet when you’ve spent too long on them. For an even more relaxing treat, you could try adding some aromatherapy oils to the water. Our Botanical Foot Soak contains Tea Tree Oil which has antiseptic properties, Lavender Oil to clean and soothe and Geranium Oil which has a soothing effect. It also contains B5, a renowned moisturiser and skin softener.

Foot soak

3. Cut your nails regularly and carefully
To keep your feet in tip-top condition, you should trim your toenails regularly with good quality toenail clippers:

  • Nails should be cut straight across - never down the sides or around the top.
  • Cutting down the sides encourages in-growing toenails.
  • Don’t cut them too short – they should be long enough to protect toes from pressure and trauma.
  • Cutting them too short can also encourage ingrowing toenails.

If you find it difficult to cut your nails, we recommend contacting a podiatrist. Alternatively, Age Concern run a toenail cutting services in many areas. Trained professionals will deal with your feet and whilst there is still a charge, it is less than private podiatrists.

Cutting Nails

4. Keep skin soft and smooth
Dry, cracked heels can be painful as well unsightly and are certainly nothing to smile about. To treat rough, dry skin and to prevent cracking, we recommend applying our Simply Feet Heel Balm to your feet, day and night. Look for products that contain Urea, the skin’s own moisturiser. It helps to break down hard, thickened skin, helping to repair and relieve cracks, leaving it soft and supple.

5. Healthy shoes make happy feet!
Healthy Footwear Guide Did you know that Cosyfeet are members of the Healthy Footwear Guide? This is a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals. It aims to highlight the importance of wearing healthy, comfortable footwear. To attain the Healthy Footwear Guide mark, footwear has to meet criteria set out by the organisation.