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Safer Internet Day
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5 February 2024

Staying safe online

To mark Safer Internet Day (6th February 2024), we’ve put together our top ten tips for staying safe online.

The internet is one of the world’s most valuable tools. With just a click of a button, we can now find a wealth of resources at our fingertips and a variety of different websites ready to use at your disposal. Despite internet use becoming a daily occurrence for most people, technological advances have meant that even the most tech-savvy amongst us are at risk. Discover how you can stay safe online with our top tips:


  • Keep your online footprint as small as possible
  • Prevent disclosing your personal information to an audience of strangers
  • Be sure to have the highest security options turned on social profiles
  • Only accept requests from people who you know on social media
  • Scan all links before clicking, if it seems out of the ordinary, just ignore
  • Update your online passwords as frequently as every three months
  • If you feel your online account may have been compromised, you should immediately change your login information
  • Try to avoid writing passwords down, a password manager can help you to remember your login credentials for each site
  • Use a different password for each site you use
  • For any password, use combination of letters, numbers and special characters, with a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters being used

We hope you stay safe online, happy browsing!