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Sheepskin Lined Range
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9 December 2022

Envelop your feet in sublime softness

The ultimate in foot comfort, enjoy pure luxury for your feet with our sheepskin collection.

Wool is a wonderful natural fibre with some amazing benefits. Naturally warm, soft and stretchy, it gently moulds to your feet for an ultra-comfy fit. It’s breathable, odour-resistant and wicks away moisture so your feet stay healthy, fresh and dry. It also features natural climate control so you can wear it all year round, and it’s great for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic. Now add a sheepskin lining to our Purewool™ slippers and you can achieve a whole new level of comfort. 

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This Scandi-style, pure wool, mule slipper has a cushioned footbed that moulds to your feet whilst providing generous airflow to wick away moisture and minimise odour. The addition of a sheepskin lining offers that luxurious comfort your feet deserve. The seam-free front is heavenly for swollen or sensitive feet.

Donna Sheepskin Donna Sheepskin

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Enjoy luxurious warmth with these premium, sheepskin-lined bootees. The wool upper gently moulds to the shape of your foot, while the genuine sheepskin is breathable and moisture-wicking to keep feet fresh and dry. Wonderfully cushioned underfoot and virtually seam-free, this Scandi-style design offers blissful comfort to swollen, sensitive feet.


A Scandi-style slipper created with pure wool and genuine sheepskin for that luxury look and feel. Its seam-free toe area partnered with the sheepskin lining makes this slipper an ideal choice for those with problem toes or circulatory issues. The touch-fastening allows for an adjustable fit for swollen feet and ankles and thanks to the flexible, rubber sole they can even be worn outside. A cushioned ‘airflow’ footbed supports your feet as it regulates temperature to wick away moisture and keep feet fresh and dry.

Bjorn Sheepskin Bjorn Sheepskin

An easy-on pure wool mule slipper that pampers your feet in the natural warm softness of genuine sheepskin. A cushioned footbed complements the indulgent features of this slipper whilst promoting generous airflow to wick away moisture and minimise odour. A simple, yet luxurious design capable of accommodating swollen or bandaged feet and problem toes. A versatile choice for a multitude of foot conditions.

Benny Sheepskin Benny Sheepskin


If you’re looking for the ultimate in foot comfort, then discover our genuine sheepskin styles today. View the range.