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Sock Factory Visit
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1 December 2023

Discover how our socks are made

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into how our manufacturers make some of our ultra-comfy socks.

We understand not every foot is the same, that’s why our socks include a range of features to help you feel more comfortable, from our seam-free joins to our specialised Softhold® socks. We take pride in every step of the creation of our products - starting with the initial designs to the time they are sent out to our customers. Recently, our creative and product team had the opportunity to visit our UK sock workshop, to take a look at the manufacturing processes of some of our most popular styles. 

Our workshop is one of the largest UK manufacturers of specialist medical textiles and consumer hosiery, and have been manufacturing Cosyfeet socks since 2015. We spoke to the Manufacturing Director, Scott, who has worked for the business for over 35 years, “There is such a range within my role, no day is the same and that’s what I love most about my job, we have such a variety of manufacturing going on.” The factory has a whole host of machines and productions which enable them to create a variety of styles each day.

Behind-the-scenes - sock workshopBehind-the-scenes - sock workshop

One of our bestselling features is our seam-free toe, which is incorporated into a number of our styles. During the visit, our team got first-hand experience learning about the specialised techniques used throughout the manufacturing processes, including the hand-linking method, used to create our seam-free styles. This is very important for those with diabetes or sensitive feet, as they won't rub or irritate the skin whilst being worn. Our Head of Product & Merchandising, Joanna Trevena, adds, "Our seam-free socks really promote good foot health. By eliminating irritating seams, our socks provide a nurturing haven for feet, allowing them to move naturally with minimal health risks. They’re a good option for customers with more complicated foot health needs." These individual, hand-crafted processes ensure our socks are of the highest possible quality, and really demonstrate how a little detail can go a long way.

Seam-free socksSeam-free socks

Our Gripped Socks are one of our bestselling products, they feature a slip-resistant tread and a soft terrycloth lining.“This style was initially a limited edition, but our Gripped Socks proved so popular with our customers they quickly became one of our bestsellers within our sock range. They’re ideal for both warmth and cushioning support.” Natasha Hesmondhalgh, Product Coordinator.

During the manufacturing process each sock is individually screen-printed to provide the unique feature of a slip-resistant tread. This offers additional stability when padding around the house, as well as including all the added benefits that make our socks so comfortable.

Gripped SocksGripped Socks

Once everything has been processed, each sock is quality checked to ensure they are completely perfect prior to being despatched. They are then hand-packed and sent out. “Throughout our visit, it was great to be able to see the detail and effort that goes into every pair of socks, and the special processes that make every pair so comfortable for our customers.” Natalie, Digital Marketing Assistant.

Packaging Cosyfeet socksPackaging Cosyfeet socks

Each one of our socks has been expertly designed and manufactured to support a variety of needs. Our complete collection contains a range of features and materials for you to choose from, so you can be sure to find the right sock for you. Discover more about the special features of our socks here.


Watch our video below for the full look behind-the-scenes at our fantastic sock workshop.