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National Gardening Week 2024
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29 April 2024

Enjoy the benefits of gardening this month

As it’s National Gardening Week (29th April - 5th May), we thought we’d take a look at this month’s gardening jobs.

Summer is on the way, as the spring bulbs are fading and borders are coming to life, it’s time to get sowing and planting in the last of the spring sunshine. Now is also the time to get the lawn in good order so it’s ready to enjoy the warmer weather. It’s also National Gardening Week (29th April - 5th May), so it’s important to remember that being out in greenery and nature is beneficial for both our physical and mental health.

Read on to find out what jobs should be top of the list for May…


Plant out summer bedding

Bedding plants are incredibly versatile, as you can use them in beds, borders, containers and baskets. Because there’s such a variety available, you can find the ideal ones to add pop of colour to your garden and provide a decorative, seasonal display. Bedding plants can be grown from seed, bought as young seedlings (known as plugs) or purchased as pot-grown established plants, often in multi-packs and cell trays, ready for planting.

Protect plants from late frosts

Late frosts can affect many plants, and are particularly damaging to new growth and late spring blossoms. The risks of frost damage can be reduced by taking some simple steps to protect the vulnerable plants in your garden, such as using horticultural fleece, moving tender plants to a greenhouse or cold frame, and mulching to protect roots and prevent the ground from freezing.

Lawn care

Now spring is underway, it’s time to turn your attention to your lawn. Usually overlooked, lawns are very beneficial to the environment and much more eco-friendly than asphalt or concrete. Keep up with weeding, and be sure to feed an established lawn (if not already done in April). From May onwards, it’s generally a good idea to mow the lawn once a week to keep it looking neat and tidy. This is also the last chance to sow a new lawn, otherwise it’s best to wait until autumn.


Most importantly, gardens are special, peaceful spaces with restorative qualities that can work wonders when we are stressed or under pressure. Time and activity in nature is good for us, with evidence strongly suggesting that time spent in a green environment reduces stress, improves our mood and sense of wellbeing.

Come back next month, where we will look at jobs for June, because there’s always something to do in the garden!