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Summer footcare
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8 June 2023

Get your feet in tip-top shape this summer

From rich moisturising foot creams to professional-grade tools, we have everything to keep your feet healthy this season.

Get your feet looking tip-top with our simple foot spa routine. We’ve gathered our favourite products to help you care for your feet so they’re always looking their best, and ready for beach days in your favourite extra wide sandals.


Botanical Foot Soak

Botanical Foot SoakBotanical Foot Soak

Revive feet and nails with this luxurious, aromatherapy foot soak, perfect for soothing tired or painful feet after a long day. Containing B5 (a renowned moisturiser and skin softener), tea tree oil (for its antiseptic properties), lavender oil (to cleanse and soothe) and geranium oil (for its soothing effect on all skin types). With extracts of calendula, sunflower and rosemary providing further cleansing and moisturising benefits.

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Foot Rasp

Foot RaspFoot Rasp

This extra-large, double-sided foot file easily removes dry skin on the bottom of your feet, leaving them soft and smooth. The curved shape is designed to withstand pressure and is particularly good for thick, callused heels. With an easy-to-grip handle, use it once or twice a week before bathing.

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Professional Nail Clippers and Nail File Set

Professional Nail Clippers and Nail File SetProfessional Nail Clippers and Nail File Set

These strong, straight-edge toenail clippers give a precise, clean cut and are easy to use at arm's length. Their robust design provides good leverage, even on thickened or difficult nails. The hardwearing, stainless steel nail file is double-sided and broader than an average file, so it can be used on larger nails and areas of hard skin. It’s etched with diamond shavings, giving it a long-lasting, abrasive surface. Excellent for quick nail maintenance.

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Simply Feet Heel Balm

Simply Feet Heel BalmSimply Feet Heel Balm

Highly-rated by podiatrists, this excellent cream is extremely effective in treating severe cases of rough, dry and cracked heels. It contains 25% urea, the skin’s own moisturiser and breaks down hard, thickened skin, helping repair and relieve cracks to leave feet soft and supple.

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Simply Feet Foot Cream

Simply Feet Foot CreamSimply Feet Foot Cream

This excellent cream is a highly effective treatment for dry and callused skin. Containing olive oil and 10% urea rehydrate, to moisturise and reduce the risk of cracking, while papaya extract helps the skin recover and regain strength. Lightly scented with peppermint for a delicate yet fresh smell.

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