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21 December 2016

Summer’s unlikely style trend

No longer a fashion faux-pas, wearing socks with sandals is set to be this summer’s look.

Socks worn with sandals is finally in fashion!

For years the sock and sandal combination has been a style no-no. In fact last year Debenhams customers voted it as the worst look of all time. But according to fashion industry insiders the much vilified pairing is set to be one of the big summer looks.

The trend may partly be thanks to Hollywood actor Bruce Willis who sported them while out walking with his daughter last week. Other celebrities such as David Beckham and Justin Bieber have adopted the look. It also showed up on a number of the spring catwalks.

For those of us who have always preferred comfort over fashion, it’s liberating to know that the sock and sandal combo is no longer taboo!

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis was recently spotted sporting the sock and sandal combo