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15 December 2016

The wonder of copper

Copper is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Worldwide studies have shown that a deficiency could cause rheumatic aches and pains.

Enjoy natural relief from aches and pains with copper

Copper is a nutrient which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties in the body. The theory is that the absorption of copper from a bracelet or something similar may reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

In a study published in 1976, researchers compared individuals wearing copper bracelets with those wearing identical looking copper-coloured bracelets made of aluminium.

By measuring the weight of the copper bracelet before and after the study, the researchers found that an average of 13mg of copper had been lost from the bracelet in a month (believed to have been absorbed through the skin). What’s more, those wearing the real copper bracelet reported less arthritic symptoms compared to those wearing the mock aluminium variety.

So it seems that copper bracelets may indeed be effective in helping to control the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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