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15 December 2016

What happens to missing socks?

Last month we asked our customers what they think happens to missing socks. They came back with some imaginative answers!

Cosyfeet customers explain the mystery of missing socks!

We’ve all been the victim of a pair of socks that went into the wash together but came out single. So where did the other sock go?

Last month we asked our customers to tell us what they think happens to missing socks. They came back with some imaginative answers!

Here are a few of our favourites:

“I think that the missing socks are abducted by aliens who are wearing bowler hats that have also gone missing ! !” D Strange

“Well of course it’s the "sock fairy."  I thought everyone knew that! They furnish their homes with them and also are quite mischievous and leave you the ones with the holes!!“ Debbie Morley

“Did you not  know that all the missing socks go down to the Antarctic Ice Shelf so that Papa, Mama and Baby Penguin can have ultra warm COSY FEET during the severity of the  long, cold, dark Antarctic winter.” Jackie Volkov

“I placed my socks in the washing machine, out of four pairs placed in machine I only had two pairs out. It would appear that the others had gone walkabout. Without even saying goodbye, there was no further sight or smell of them again...”  I. Williams

“They end up in your partners drawer, unless they are Cosyfeet socks when you would never lose one of them as they’re too comfy to lose!” Steve Andree

“Perhaps they team up with the missing scissors which cut them into little pieces that get flushed down the outlet pipe!” Celia

“They never go missing if you wear odd socks and no more worrying!” S Atterton

“I think Santa takes them to warm the ears of all his 'little helpers'!” Sharon Norman

"I think that there is a magic door in the back of the tumble drier. All socks that have had enough of working in service go through the door into the land of "Sock paradise" where they can live happily as a single liberated sock and not as one of a pair!!!!!” Susan Barker

“Having lost 12 socks over a period of time, I have now found the answer. My washing machine broke down last week, low and behold when the mechanic took out the drum there were my missing socks they had slipped through the seal and the drum, my odd socks have now been reunited I believe they had a party and hope they will live  happy together again.” George Mills

“I believe they are being stolen, by a race of one legged aliens.” Kieran Walsh