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22 December 2016

Footwear tips for women with wide feet

If your feet tend to swell, it’s a good idea to look for a footwear style that has adjustable features.

Are you a woman with wide feet and looking for footwear? The most obvious place to start is by searching for brands that specialise in wide shoes for women.

If your feet also tend to swell, it’s a good idea to look for a style that has adjustable features. Lace-ups give the most secure fit with plenty of support and adjustment. Touch-fastening straps also offer lots of scope for adjustment and are ideal if tying laces is a problem. Some brands, such as Cosyfeet, have matching strap extensions which will lengthen the touch-fastening strap giving you even more fitting flexibility. This is ideal if your feet are exceptionally swollen.

We recommend keeping any straps simple. A shoe with too many straps can be constricting for very wide or swollen feet. Instead, look for shoes with only one or two straps such as a T-bar style. A thicker strap is also a good idea as a very dainty one may dig into your feet and become very uncomfortable. The Daisy-Mae from Cosyfeet has a discreet touch-fastening strap which can be easily adjusted giving you tailor-made comfort that lasts all day.

Wide shoes for women - Daisy-Mae