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14 December 2016

World Reflexology Week

Running from 24-30 September 2012, World Reflexology Week aims to raise awareness of the many benefits of this complementary therapy. But what exactly is reflexology?

Reflexology dates back as far as Ancient Egypt. It was long seen as an effective healer for physical ailments until medicine became more advanced. Reflexologists believe that areas on your feet, and even on your hands, relate to different parts of your body and can bring relief for a whole host of conditions. Each toe and part of your foot represents a part of the body – for example the head is connected to the big toe while the ear is under your little toe!

The idea is that by using hot, cold, plasters and herbal remedies, you can treat one part of the body and influence another at the same time. And research has shown many benefits: reduced depression, eased effects for cancer patients undergoing treatment and of course general relaxation.

In the UK, the Association of Reflexologists, is the largest, leading independent body for Reflexologists. Throughout World Reflexology Week they’ll be organising stalls and events to promote reflexology.

You can find out more by visiting