Moose - Our 100% waterproof boot


Part of our CosyTex™ collection, Moose is our 100% waterproof wide-fitting boot for women. Designed to fit swollen feet, it features a shock-absorbing, cleated sole which offers good grip underfoot so it’s ideal for walking. The breathable, windproof and waterproof CosyTex™ membrane helps keep feet fresh, warm and dry.

 Fit testing

Michelle is a foot health practitioner with swollen feet who enjoys walking. She has wear-tested Moose* on a variety of terrain including grass, mud, roads, tracks, stone and sand. With everyone being encouraged to move more and take more exercise, we hope she found these boots sufficient and comfortable enough for her hobby.

Michelle completed some long walks in these boots, without a sign of soreness, and not a single blister even on the first wear. The laces have been completed with proper eyelets which means they stay fully fastened even on walks of 5 miles or more! Michelle particularly liked the lovely, soft padded collar, which puts no pressure on Achilles or ankles, but feels supportive especially on uneven ground.

The padded insole is easily removed to allow for extra space for orthotics - Moose can accommodate a full-length orthotic if the insole is removed, and a ¾ length orthotic if the insole is left in. There’s also plenty of depth, without looking like an orthopaedic boot.

Michelle agreed the boots remained waterproof even in very muddy conditions. Michele also remarked that her feet stayed comfortable and cool, even whilst wearing proper walking socks.

As a diabetic, Michelle also added, “Moose looks like a substantial boot, with excellent support, but does not feel heavy or cumbersome, and is certainly not as heavy as some boots so there’s a lot less drag on my legs. The sole is superbly comfortable and durable, I couldn't feel stones or anything through it which is important for me as my feet are sensitive.”


*Please note: the styling and/or appearance of this footwear may have changed since this fit test took place.

High above Milton Abbey, Dorset at St Catherine’s Chapel – just over halfway on a six miler!