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If you are holding an event, looking to brighten up your waiting area or want a simple way to pass on our contact information to your patients look no further than our downloadable documents below. Don’t forget you can also request copies of most of these items via our Literature Request area.

Downloadable resources

  • Choosing Footwear, Socks and Hosiery for Swollen Feet Leaflet

    Choosing Footwear, Socks and Hosiery for Swollen Feet Leaflet

    This leaflet contains useful information for patients on choosing and buying appropriate footwear, sock and hosiery products if they have swollen feet and legs.

  • A4 Poster

    A4 Poster

    Perfect for displaying in your clinic or in your waiting area, our poster explains what makes Cosyfeet footwear special and how to contact us for a catalogue.

  • Extra Roomy Poster

    Extra Roomy Poster

    What makes Cosyfeet footwear so special? This poster explains the difference between Cosyfeet extra roomy footwear and high-street wide fit shoes.

  • Cosyfeet Contact Card Sheet

    Cosyfeet Contact Card Sheet

    If you visit patients in their own home or operate out of a number of locations you may find these contact cards useful. Each card has all the Cosyfeet contact information. Just print off as an A4 sheet, cut to size and handout as required.

  • Footwear Width Comparison Chart

    Footwear Width Comparison Chart

    This comparison chart is useful to understand the comparative widths of Cosyfeet footwear against other width fittings.

  • PDF Catalogue

    PDF Catalogue

    Download a PDF version of the latest Cosyfeet catalogue.

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