Podiatry Award 2019

The closing date for the Cosyfeet Podiatry Award 2019 has now passed and we are currently shortlisting entries. Please check back soon for further updates.

This £1000 award is open to any podiatrist or podiatry student who is planning voluntary work, a work placement or research, either in the UK or abroad. The winner’s application should demonstrate that their selected project will develop their professional knowledge and skills while being of benefit to others.

The award is designed to assist with the costs associated with the chosen project. The winner will be requested to submit a report and photographs of their experience, and to be included in Cosyfeet publicity relating to the award.

Former winners have undertaken a wide range of initiatives including those relating to the treatment of talipes equinovarus in children, the diabetic foot and the podiatric needs of dementia sufferers. Others have travelled to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia or South America to help with conditions resulting from diseases such as leprosy and filariasis. More details on these projects can be found below.

Podiatry Award 2018

2018 Winner - Margaryta Bazelchuk

Margaryta Bazelchuk, a Level 3 BSc Podiatry student at Glasgow Caledonian, was the proud winner of the Cosyfeet Podiatry Award 2018. Her objective was to help one of the most vulnerable groups in society, whilst at the same time improving student exposure to patients within the homeless environment.

Following her win, Margaryta sought the expert guidance of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Homeless and Asylum Services Podiatrist on how best her £1000 award money could be utilised. As a result, it was agreed it should be used to carry out a footwear assessment project focussing on homeless service users in the Glasgow area. This provided Margaryta and her peers with the opportunity to work in partnership with the NHS and the third sector in helping homeless people. Click here to read Margaryta’s report on the project.


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