With temperatures set to rise this week, we have put together our favourite footwear picks for keeping feet comfy and cool.

Molly, Sammi and Steffi

These three cotton-lined styles are perfect for the warmer weather – Molly is lightweight and adjustable as well as having an open-toe so you’re ready for a scorching day. Sammi offers excellent support around the heel as well as being a lace-up for better adjustability. Our Steffi style features a toe-shaped upper which is square and roomy – ideal for those with more swollen feet. All three have a cotton-rich lining to help wick away moisture and keep your feet cool.

Fabric styles

Molly, Sammi and Steffi provide cooling comfort for hotter days


The cotton version of our popular Skye style, Margaret is super soft and lightweight but still supportive for all day comfort. With a cotton lining and seam-free toe box, you’ll be prepared for holidays and days out.


Margaret shown in lemon


This flatteringly feminine shoe is roomier than it looks, so perfect for swollen feet. Our selection of beautiful fabrics, combined with a cotton lining to keep feet cool and fresh, will ensure you have something comfy to wear for any occasion.


Koryl in leopard print for a more adventurous look

James, Jim and Steven

Our men’s cotton-rich styles feature some smart fabrics and a variety of fastenings. The Elastane front featured on James and Jim ensures there will be no pressure on feet if they’re sore or sensitive, as well as being stretchy enough for bunions or hammer toes. The cotton canvas back offers a huge amount of support for comfort. As James has a touch-fastening, Jim has laces, so there really is something for everyone.

For those with swelling or bandaging, there is Steven which opens right out, making it the easiest to get on and off.

Men's cotton styles

James, Jim and Steven are perfect for sunny days

We also have a great range of cotton-rich socks! Click here to find out more.