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12 September 2019

European Mobility Week 2019

European Mobility Week was created to help to improve public health and the quality of life. Read on for tips on how to simply increase your mobility and look after yourself.

The European Mobility awareness campaign was created in 2002, with the aim to help to improve public health and the quality of life. All over Europe, cities, businesses, schools and communities are focusing on encouraging mobility, action and getting out and about during this awareness week.

This year, European Mobility Week (16th - 22nd September) is focusing on ‘safe walking’ and the ways active mobility can benefit our health and environment.

Generally, some sort of daily movement can help to improve your cardiovascular health, brain function and connectivity along with your health and wellbeing.

Couple walking outside with walking aid

Make sure you’re wearing the right footwear for being active. If you have sensitive or swollen feet or foot problems like bunions, it is important that you care for your feet and treat them to extra roomy footwear for support and comfort.

Even if you have to wear wide fitting shoes, there are some great benefits to getting outdoors, moving and going for a walk can:

    • Burn calories and increase your metabolism
    • Improve your heart rate and blood pressure
    • Improve your mood and help you feel brighter
    • Encourage you to discover new things in your area and feel more connected to your community

Make walking more comfortable with a specialist insole. Our Shock-absorbing CosyCushion™ Insoles are made from a bouncy, cushioning material while our DuoSoft Plus Insoles are ideal if you have arthritis or very sensitive feet.

Those who may have more severe walking and mobility difficulties may benefit from something in our keep active range made up of specially selected premium-quality pain relief and mobility products that are there to encourage you to still enjoy the outdoors or even just move around in your own home.

5 easy ways to enhance your mobility:

Find the right footwear

Man and woman on a country walk

The older we get, the more likely we are to get foot problems. This means finding the right footwear to meet our needs and keep us comfy is very important. Whether you have sore feet, diabetes, hammer toes or heel pain - we have extra wide fit shoes that could suit you.

Stretch at home

Lady stretching at home

There is a great document from NHS choices that suggests ways to exercise and stretch at home. It looks at exercises that can help your sitting posture, flexibility, strength and balance which are four aspects to ultimately improving your mobility.

View the home stretches here

Move your feet

Pedal exerciser

Even if you find it easier to sit down most of the day, it doesn’t mean your feet and mobility has to suffer. Our Pedal Exerciser is the perfect fit for this level of mobility. This lightweight, portable peddler is ideal for exercising leg and arm muscles and stimulating your circulation.  

Support yourself

Mobility rollators

Support your walk while out and about with these Rollz® Motion2 Rollators that can be turned into wheelchairs for relaxing in seconds. This nifty design is ideal for shopping trips, days out and holidays, you no longer have to make the choice between which mobility aid to take.

Look after your back

Lady wearing healthy back bag

Carrying your things when you leave the house is essential to most of us. We’ve all had that pain when a one sided bag is too heavy and causes discomfort in our neck or back, this is actually very bad for us – it’s important to look after your back. Luckily, here at Cosyfeet we sell Healthy Back Bags that help to balance whatever it is you’re carrying and frees your hands up.

This strong, lightweight bag won't put pressure on your back and neck or drag your shoulders down so that you can carry it comfortably and safely all day long.

Your mobility is important for your health and wellbeing, so we we hope you can find a way to try out one of the suggestions above.

Make your mobility matter!