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11 February 2019

How can a bag be healthy?

Carrying your possessions in a heavy bag can lead to disabling back pain. The ‘Healthy Back Bag’ is designed to distribute weight evenly across your back and minimise stress on your body.

A bag that protects your back

Carrying around your possessions in a heavy bag can lead to disabling back pain, especially if you’re carrying a shoulder bag on one shoulder. That’s because it significantly interferes with your normal gait and disrupts your body’s natural balance.

There is even a term - Poshitis - coined for the pain caused by the trend of carrying heavy handbags on a bent forearm as seen on fashionistas such as Victoria Beckham.

PoshitisEverett Collection /

Experts recommend carrying heavy possessions in a backpack as 2 straps will distribute the weight around your back more evenly. However, not everyone wants to wear a fitted backpack.

The Healthy Back Bag came about as an answer to a question that still plagues women all over the world - “where can I get a shoulder bag that isn’t going to kill my back?” Through the collaboration of a designer leather craftsman, a doctor and a chiropractor, they created a fashionable functional alternative to a backpack or single strap bag.

How is the ‘Healthy Back Bag’ different to other bags?

The more places a bag touches when you wear it the lighter it feels and that's the secret. The Healthy Back Bag moulds to the contours of your spine, distributing weight evenly across the back. So no pulling, no straining, no crooked necks or uneven shoulders.

Healthy Back Bag