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14 December 2016

Introducing Alison extra roomy...

This autumn, we’ve introduced a NEW seam-free, casual shoe to our range. Find out what our Cosyfeet fit-tester thinks of the sporty-looking style.

Find out what our fit-tester thinks of NEW Alison extra roomy

LouiseCosyfeet employee Louise was diagnosed with diabetes 30 years ago. Her feet fluctuate in swelling during the day so she needs a style with lots of adjustability. As a diabetic, it’s crucial to eliminate pressure and rubbing on her feet and so she looks for styles with minimal seaming, particularly around the toe area.

Louise was delighted when new style ‘Alison’ was introduced. The extra deep, seam-free toe area offers lots of room for her toes to move around. The soft leather moulds gently around the foot and the three adjustable straps provide ample fitting flexibility.

Alison extra roomy Louise's feet Louise’s feet in Alison extra roomy

Alison extra roomy

Louise’s feet

Louise’s feet in Alison

Louise was particularly pleased to hear about the lining and footbed cover which are made from sanitized material allowing her feet to breathe.

As an active grandmother Louise says, “I spend a lot of time running around after my granddaughter Aleks. I need shoes that look stylish with trousers, whilst offering extra roomy comfort and protection for my feet. ‘Alison’ ticks all the boxes!”