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6 August 2019

Love Parks Week: 12th - 21st July 2019

Love Parks Week was created to make sure everyone, young and old are enjoying, protecting and improving their local or favourite parks.

The theme of this year’s Love Parks Week is to encourage everyone to get out and about and enjoy their favourite and local parks. Enjoying your local park, keeps them alive and therefore generations for years to come will be able to do the same. Spending time in a park is a wonderful and free way to enjoy nature which is also an easy way of improving your mental health. 

It’s not just about enjoying your local park but encouraging good behaviour in these open public spaces, which includes making sure litter is only disposed of in the provided bins. This will help make sure the parks stay beautiful, nature can bloom and animals such as squirrels and hedgehogs whom we share parks with won’t be put in jeopardy.

During Love Parks Week in the middle of July, the UK hosts various different events to entice people to their local parks and to have a bit of fun.

Below are some of the unique events happening in the UK during Love Parks Week 2019:

  • Live music on the bandstand in Royal Victoria Park in Bath
  • Kite flying in Eastfield Park in Northampton
  • A family ‘bumble bee’ scavenger hunt in Castle Park in Cumbria
  • Willow weaving in Stadt Moers Park in Liverpool
  • Rounder's match at Milton Creek Country Park in Sittingbourne
  • Celebrate Caribbean music and food in Cedars Park in Cheshunt
  • Family treasure hunt in Bennetts Recreational Ground in Dunstable

People walking dog in park

Here at Cosyfeet, we sell a variety of products such as rollators and walking sticks that can support those who find getting out and about a bit more of a challenge. Take a look in our walking and exercise collection. Also, making sure you are wearing the correct footwear, such as extra roomy wide shoes when walking in parks can help massively when enjoying the outdoors.

So, what are you waiting for? Now the sun seems to be here to stay there’s no excuse not to go and enjoy and support your local park.

Share the park love via social media using the hashtag #LoveParks

Love Parks Week

Find out more about Love Parks Week on their official website.