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Treat some to our extra wide men’s slippers and ultra-comfy socks
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7 June 2023

Experience the comfort of Cosyfeet with our selection of men’s slippers and socks

Slippers and socks aren't just for winter and they make the perfect gifts. Treat someone special this season with our fabulous collection.

Our collection of extra wide men’s slippers and ultra-comfy socks are crafted from premium materials and are made to last, making them perfect gifts for loved ones. With a wide variety of styles, prints and colours available, we’ve got a fabulous range for you to choose from.


Our bestselling slipper, Reggie

Extra wide fit men's slipper - ReggieExtra wide fit men's slipper - Reggie

This smart, supportive slipper features underfoot cushioning for greater comfort. The seam-free front is roomy, so it’s great for painful or sensitive toes, while the touch-fastening strap adjusts easily to accommodate swelling.

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Wonderful wool, Bjorn Sheepskin

Extra wide fit men's slipper - Bjorn SheepskinExtra wide fit men's slipper - Bjorn Sheepskin

An exceptionally comfy slipper, featuring a foot-shaped design, the wool upper gently moulds to your contours with wear. The natural climate control helps keep feet at the perfect temperature while the breathable wool absorbs moisture, so they stay comfy and dry. Complete with a flexible rubber sole, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Keep feet cool with Coolmax® Seam‑free Socks

Coolmax® Seam‑free Socks in standard and extra wide fitCoolmax® Seam‑free Socks in standard and extra wide fit

These stretchy, lightweight socks with Coolmax® technology help to keep feet fresh, dry and healthy. This clever fabric improves breathability and moves moisture away from the foot, so it evaporates quickly, to help prevent odour and reduce the risk of athlete’s foot, sores and blisters.

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Cape Mohair® Medi Socks for pure luxury

Cape Mohair® Medi Socks in standard and extra wide fitCape Mohair® Medi Socks in standard and extra wide fit

The luxurious softness of these socks is due to the Mohair, a silk-like yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. As well as feeling incredibly comfortable this clever fibre is naturally lightweight, insulating and breathable, to keep you cool in summer. They’re also cleverly mixed with soft, fine-knit bamboo fibre, which has a natural antibacterial deodorising agent to keep feet fresh.

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Treat loved ones to blissful comfort this season and discover our full range of extra wide fit slippers for men, and don’t forget about our wonderful range of socks too!