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31 March 2020

Update on our Pets As Therapy partnership

For the last two years, we’ve been supporting the charity Pets As Therapy. Their volunteers, along with their temperament-assessed dogs, make regular visits to nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and schools bringing comfort and joy to all they meet.

Pets As Therapy (PAT), are a humanitarian charity with people at their heart. Since their founding in 1983, it has been at the forefront of community-based Animal Assisted Therapy across the length and breadth of the UK.

Today, Pets As Therapy is the largest organisation of its kind in Europe enhancing thousands of lives every single day. What they do is beautiful in its simplicity; their inspiring and dedicated volunteers share their time and their wonderful pets with people in need.

Pets As Therapy dogs with their owners

Their volunteers, along with their temperament-assessed dogs and cats, make regular visits to nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, day care centres and schools. The volunteers spend time with the patients, residents or visitors, allowing them to stroke the PAT pets and enjoy some companionship. For pet lovers who no longer live in their own home, or elderly people who attend day care centres but can no longer own a pet, interacting with a PAT pet can bring great comfort and joy.

Proud owner with her Pets As Therapy dog

Over our two-year partnership with Pets As Therapy we have raised a total of £12,889.25

This money has been used to continue the growth of their volunteer numbers so that they can keep chipping away at the ever-increasing demand for their services across the country. Their volunteer numbers have increased but the demand keeps growing and of course they also lose volunteers through retirement of their dogs which is always tough when they give so much and do such a fantastic job.