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3 January 2017

Photo shoot for the spring catalogue

We’ve just finished our photo shoot for the spring/summer catalogue. With temperatures hovering around minus 1, it felt anything but summery for our poor models!

Braving the cold for our spring/summer photo shoot

One of the exciting parts about developing a new footwear collection is doing the photo shoot for the new season campaign. However, shooting summer scenes in the winter isn’t always easy!

Making our models look warm and summery in freezing temperatures is no easy task! Jackie and Greg did an amazing job of controlling their chattering teeth, managing to give us beaming smiles despite wearing shorts and t-shirts on a windy beach in minus 1! Much of the shoot was spent with them wrapped in blankets and clutching hot water bottles to stop them from getting hyperthermia!

Jackie - Keeping her coat on
Jackie, our model, keeping her coat on until the last moment!

We were lucky enough to have the use of a beautiful house in West Sussex for our photo-shoot. It was lovely and light, as you can see from the pictures below, and managed to look bright and summery which is what you need on a rainy day in January!

Location of the photoshoot
The location house for the photo shoot

Our creative team did a great job of setting the scenes, arranging plants and flowers around the garden to make it look more summery. They even brushed the grass to take the dew off the top of it and gave it a bit of trim to make it look tidier!

Brushing the grass!
Brushing the grass to get rid of the dew!

Tidying up the grass with scissors
Tidying up the grass with a pair of scissors

Our new spring catalogue will be out in March. See if you can spot the crushed digestive biscuits that we used to make sand for one of our indoor studio shots!