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22 June 2023

Everyday problem solvers

Do you know we cater for a multitude of conditions? We specialise in sourcing high-quality products to ensure your comfort all day long.

Getting on with your day can sometimes be difficult and tiring, particularly if you suffer from a specific medical condition which affects your everyday life. Here we have carefully selected a few key items which could help you live each day to its fullest in blissful comfort.


Handi-Grip™ PRO

Handi-Grip™ PROHandi-Grip™ PRO

This long-handled, lightweight grabber has a gentle rotating head with soft rubber tips which can be easily positioned to help you put on and remove socks, as well as picking up smaller objects from high up or low down. Ideal if you have arthritis or struggle to bend down. We also have the Classic PRO™ Folding Grabber which features a magnet (very handy for keys), and folds up for easy storage.

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Multi-use Wedges

Multi-use WedgesMulti-use Wedges

These comfortably firm foam wedges can be used singly or together to provide support for your neck, legs, knees or back, to ease those aches and pains. Ideal for raising your legs in bed to help reduce swelling. Or, if you suffer with phlebitis or oedema, you could try our Leg Rest - specially contoured to support tired or swollen legs.

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Ankle Support with Copper

Ankle Support with CopperAnkle Support with Copper

These elasticised Sabona supports have copper thread knitted into the fabric which heats quickly due to its conductive nature. The fabric then retains the heat around the damaged joint or limb creating warmth which aids in a quicker recovery. The elasticity also creates compression, increasing blood flow to the area, which is another important factor in promoting a speedy recovery. Also available as a Knee Support with Copper to help you get back on your feet in no time.

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Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis InsolesPlantar Fasciitis Insoles

With no painful ‘breaking-in’ period, these squishy ¾ length gel insoles give you immediate, soothing relief from underfoot pain. One of our bestsellers, they come recommended by podiatrists to combat the pain of plantar fasciitis thanks to their durability, shock-absorption and exceptional comfort. If you’re looking for a great alternative to custom orthotics then why not try our Vionic Insoles. They’re designed to provide support and control, and help reduce over-pronation. In turn, this can relieve many of the aches and pains associated with poor lower limb alignment such as heel pain (including plantar fasciitis), knee pain, lower back pain and tired, aching legs.

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All of these items, and many more, can be found in our Foot Comfort and Wellbeing ranges.


Please note: we are not medically trained and therefore we always advise consulting with your GP or other healthcare professional before using any medical-based products. Further information can be found, here.