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4 January 2017

What’s for lunch Your Majesty?

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, 10,000 people have been invited to join a picnic on the Mall in London on Sunday 12th June. So what will her guests be having for lunch?

The Patron’s Lunch

It will be one of the world's biggest ever street parties with the Queen joined by 10,000 people to celebrate her 90th birthday in London on Sunday 12th June. But what will her guests be eating and drinking?

Marks and Spencer, which is catering for the Patron's Lunch, has unveiled the contents of the basket, with items including a can of Pimm's, a selection of sandwiches, two cupcakes and a "posh raspberry royale" dessert.

Tickets for the event cost £150 and the chosen guests will sit down at tables on the Mall with their hampers.

The lunch will come in a wicker basket - along with a turquoise plastic plate, a matching set of plastic cutlery, a plastic wine tumbler and a napkin. Among the other delicacies will be a Scottish smoked salmon mousse, a Pembrokeshire chicken salad and a mini piccalilli pork pie.