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1 March 2019

Smell your way to better health

Essential oils have been used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits to treat a variety of ailments.

The health benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. They have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits to treat a variety of ailments including headaches, backaches, muscle aches, stomach aches, colds, insomnia, stress, anxiety, toothaches as well as for disinfecting and healing wounds.

These are some of the essential oils that are commonly used for relieving the symptoms of coughs and colds all of which are contained in our new Breathe-Ol decongestant:

A traditional household remedy in Australia. The leaves and oils are used for respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and croup.

A traditional remedy used in the East to treat colds and bronchitis.

A traditional remedy used in the East for colds and throat infections.

Used traditionally as a preventative of infectious disease and respiratory ailments.

A traditional remedy that has been used for respiratory conditions.

One of the most well-known essential oils is lavender. Renowned for its lovely fragrance, it also has many health benefits. It can relieve anxiety and insomnia, ease muscular aches and pains and enhance blood circulation. It’s also a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It’s perfect for skin care products as it’s non-toxic and can even be applied undiluted to the skin. To find out more about our lavender products, click here.