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22 December 2016

The benefits of heat therapy

More than about just about keeping warm, heat therapy is a time-tested treatment for arthritis and related joint pain.

A time-tested treatment for joint pain and stiffness

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, is where heat is applied to various parts of the body to relieve pain or stiffness. Widely recommended by orthopaedic practitioners, heat therapy is a reliable and time-tested treatment for arthritis and related joint pain. It can also be beneficial to people with stiff muscles as well as injuries to deep tissue in the skin.

Heat therapy relieves inflammation and pain by increasing blood flow to affected joints. This increased blood flow provides proteins, nutrients and oxygen for better healing. It also reduces muscle spasms around the treated area which can heighten arthritis pain. Research indicates that endorphins may be released during heat therapy, further blocking the pain signal sent to the brain.

Our NatraCure™ microwavable bootees and mittens offer a relaxing way to relieve pain and stiffness and are ideal if you suffer from cold feet and hands. The targeted warming zones provide a deep yet gentle heat while the SmartGel® lining moisturises your skin.

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NatraCure Heat Therapy Bootees