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22 December 2016

The importance of friendship

September is ‘Friendship Month’. Oddfellows, the organisers of the awareness month, believe that having supportive friends not only makes you happier, but healthier too.

Friendship month

The Oddfellows is one of the largest and oldest friendly societies in the UK, with 280,000 members across 146 Branches nationwide. Each year, since 2010, the Oddfellows and its members across the UK have been working together to highlight the importance of friendship to the nation.

Throughout September, Oddfellows stage hundreds of free (or inexpensive) events in villages, towns and cities to make it easy for people who may feel lonely, or disconnected within their community, to re-engage. It’s all part of their inclusive campaign to remind people just how beneficial it is to have friends around you.

Events can range from a simple coffee morning or friendship walk, to craft sessions or art displays – the one thing that ties them together is a guaranteed warm welcome.

Friendship Month has been gaining momentum year on year in the number of local events staged and publicity gained. To find out more about this and previous years’ activities, and to find friendship events running near you, visit the Friendship Month page on the Oddfellows website.

Friendship Month