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World Book Day 2022
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5 May 2022

What are the best books to buy for World Book Day?

With World Book Day just around the corner, why not take a look at some of the best books available at the moment, from quick reads to crime thrillers.

Nothing can beat a good book as it can take us to places we have never been, take us on an adventure, and help us relive a time gone by. Books can help stimulate conversations across generations and they bring people of all walks of life together, and discuss what they’ve read.

Reading a book is highly recommended as it can help to reduce stress and increase mental stimulation. The Reading Agency, an organisation that promotes reading to help people live a better life, told us how reading can benefit everyone: “At The Reading Agency, we know that reading can tackle life’s big challenges of loneliness, mental health, well-being, and social mobility. Participation in shared reading groups is also linked to enhanced relaxation, calmness, concentration, quality of life, confidence and self-esteem, as well as feelings of shared community and common purpose.”

What is World Book Day?

The scheme celebrates authors, illustrators, books and, of course, reading. It has been designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading and is celebrated in more than 100 countries across the world. World Book Day is a charity that provides book tokens for nursery, primary and secondary schools in the UK.

In 2022 World Book Day is on 3rd March and people of all ages will come together to appreciate reading! We thought we would take a look at some great books that are on offer and the best books for reading with grandchildren.

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Recommended books for World Book Day

For busy people who don’t get much time to read a book due to family or work commitments, there are lots of  ‘quick read’ books.

The Reading Agency, adds: “For busy people, or people who might not have read for a while we recommend Quick Reads. Short and engaging books written by well-known authors that are distributed across the country. They’re available in libraries, and bookshops, so give them a read, and let us know what you think.”

Here are some popular quick read books you could read this World Book Day:

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If you’re suffering from a health condition or are just interested in health and well-being, then there are plenty of resources you can pick up.

The Reading Agency said: “For people looking for health information, we recommend Reading Well. The scheme helps you understand and manage your health and well-being using helpful reading. The books are all endorsed by health experts, as well as people living with the conditions covered and their relatives and carers. We have book lists on mental health, long term conditions, and dementia; all of which are available from your local library.”

Check out some popular mood-boosting and health-related books below:

There’s nothing better than a gripping crime fiction novel or nonfiction volume to keep you up late into the night. So, if you want to chase chilling serial killers or are after a gentle detective story, there are lots of options out there.

LoveReading is the UK’s leading book recommendation website. Their mission is to promote a love of books and reading to all by offering the tools, advice and information needed to help their members and browsers to find their next favourite book and they recommend you read a crime or mystery novel.

Deborah Maclaren, the Managing Director at LoveReading, says: “If you’re a crime buff, enter the criminal underworld and solve a complex case all from the comfort of your favourite reading nook. Have a look at our Crime/Mystery selection to get your hands on the latest and greatest case and get mystery solving.”

Here are some popular crime/mystery books:

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From contemporary romance to more historical reads, there are lots of romantic fiction books you can curl up on the sofa with. LoveReading recommends reading Em & Me by Beth Morrey: “Beautifully glorious, this book danced into my heart and soul and I want to dangle from the rooftops to shout about it. Since Em was born, Delphine has spent her time as a single mum protecting her daughter and a secret, as she begins to taste the joy of life, her past starts to unravel. ”

Here are some other romantic novels you should look to read to celebrate World Book Day:

There are lots of fiction books you should read this World Book Day, from psychological thrillers with twists and turns to fantasy novels. Gransnet, the busiest social networking site for over-50s, tells us about some popular fiction books you should add to your reading list.

“We know from the very successful Gransnet book club, that people like to read a whole range of fiction. The books that have gone down particularly well with our users are hugely varied, though what they have in common is a great story and brilliant writing. We love the fact that we are able to introduce readers to books and authors they might otherwise have missed out on, and the feedback we get confirms that a recommendation can be a very good thing, and it's not always possible to judge a book by its cover.”

Here are some of the top fiction books:

Books for grandchildren

There aren’t many greater feelings than reading a book to your grandchildren or listening to your grandchild read to you. Buying a book for your grandchild is a great way to encourage them to read.

World Book Day 2022World Book Day 2022

Gransnet shared some of the books they would recommend: “Obviously, what to buy depends on the age of the child, but we know that many people have enjoyed sharing classics from their own children's childhoods - or even their own. In terms of picture books for little ones, humour goes down well. We love books like Oi Frog! As well as the Emily Brown books and anything by Julia Donaldson, as well as the ever-popular The Tiger Who Came To Tea. For older children, Jacqueline Wilson continues to be a huge favourite. Books by celebrities such as David Walliams, David Baddiel and Julian Clary have become huge bestsellers, but there are also many other series and books that will have lasting appeal.”

Deborah Maclaren from LoveReading recommends the LoveReading4Kids site. She says: “No matter what the occasion, whatever the age, whatever their reading capabilities, or their latest craze, they have a perfect book recommendation for the little loved one in your life. Their team of Editorial Experts curate a selection of books for children every month which are read and reviewed for your pleasure; they only feature books they’ve enjoyed so much that they want to share them with others. If you’d like to use some suggestions, look at their Books of the Month, or have a search by age range or genre. There really is something for everyone.”

Here are some recommended reads for children:

We hope you enjoy World Book Day! If you have any book recommendations, be sure to share them with us on our social pages, we’d love to hear from you.