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12 October 2020

Add some glamour to your day

The days may be getting colder and shorter but that doesn’t mean they have to feel dark, drab or dull. Adding a touch of glamour to our outfit or surroundings can really lift our spirits, boost our confidence and make every day feel like it’s a special occasion.

Make every day a special occasion!

Adding a touch of glamour to your life can boost your mood and lift your spirits. Find out how to turn every day into a special occasion with our top tips.

Don’t save things for best

How often have you bought something and put it away for a special occasion? Every day that you are alive is a gift so why not live in the moment and embrace the things that bring you joy. Life is too short not to use and make the most of your favourite things. Put on your best clothes, get out the crystal wine glasses or the china tea set that you normally save for your guests and you can turn an ordinary day into a special day. Or set your dining room table with bone china plates and linen napkins and give your meal a new lease of life. You’ll feel happier when you eat in style.

Give yourself a lift

Slipping on a pair of heels or dressy shoes can make us feel instantly glamourous. Don’t wait for an invitation or excuse to get your best shoes out of your wardrobe. Why not try mixing them with your everyday, casual clothes to give your outfit a lift. Heels, patents and court shoes can look great with a pair of jeans. If you need extra wide fit shoes, then take a look at Hettie, a stylish and supportive heel or Carmen, an attractive shoe with a stretchy gusset that’s great for fitting swollen feet. Available in trendy Black Croc Print, it looks fabulous with everything.

Treat yourself to a bit of luxury

Enjoy a bit of luxury every day. You’re worth it! It might be something as simple as splashing out on a premium tea brand or putting on a dab of expensive perfume. Taking a long, luxurious bubble bath is a simple way to make you feel fabulous. And adding a bath oil and surrounding yourself with candles is a great way to make the experience feel even more special. If your feet need a bit of extra care, you could treat them to a home-made foot spa. Add some Botanical Foot Soak to a bowl of warm water to ease tired or painful feet. Luxurious and gorgeous smelling, it contains lavender oil to cleanse and geranium oil to soothe skin. Tidy up nuisance nails using a Professional Nail Clippers and Nail File Set and then paint them your favourite colour and you’ll feel instantly more glamorous.

Put some sparkle in your step

For the ultimate in glam, try adding some shimmer to your outfit. Sparkly jewellery, sequined clothes or even crystal studded slippers will help you to put some sparkle in your step and a smile on your face. Cosyfeet’s Holly Winter slippers, in pink or navy crystal, will add some glitz to your loungewear and let you snuggle up in style.

Holly WinterHolly Winter

Inject some colour into your day

As the days get shorter and the skies turn greyer, adding some colour to our lives is an easy way to lift our spirits, boost our mood and even raise our energy levels. It could be a bright bag, a vibrant lipstick, a colourful coat or scarf or a pair of dressy shoes, such as Daisy-Mae in Lipstick Red.

Introduce some glamour to your surroundings

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things can have a positive impact on your mood.  Something as simple as a vase of fresh flowers, a scented candle or some pretty scatter cushions can make all the difference to how you feel.  Putting on some classical music or a film starring Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn can also add a touch of glamour to the atmosphere.

There are many ways in which you can add some glamour to your life. To recap, here are some of the easiest ways you can do that:

  • Use your finest things every day and don’t just save them for best
  • Wear dressy shoes, whatever the occasion
  • Treat yourself to something luxurious every day
  • Add some sparkle to your outfit
  • Inject some colour into your day
  • Surround yourself with beautiful things