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28 August 2018

Going organic is good for you

September is Organic Month, so we’ve been looking at the benefits that buying organic can bring both to our health and the environment.

Organic September is a month-long campaign which aims to raise awareness of organic products and the brands, producers and farmers who bring them to us in the UK.

Organic food

We’ve been looking at the benefits that buying organic can bring both to our health and the environment:

Benefit from more nutrients

According to recent research, organically grown foods have more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients than commercially grown foods because the soil is managed and nourished with sustainable practices by responsible standards.

Food tastes better

Organically grown foods generally taste better because nourished, well balanced soil produces healthy, strong plants.

Helps preserve our ecosystems

Organic farming supports eco-sustenance, or farming in harmony with nature. Preservation of soil and crop rotation keep farmland healthy, and chemical abstinence preserves the eco-system.

Reduces pollution and protects water and soil

Certified organic standards do not permit the use of toxic chemicals in farming and require responsible management of healthy soil and biodiversity.

What does buying organic mean?

Foods labelled as organic must meet strict regulations on how they have been grown and produced. All organic food companies and farms are inspected yearly to ensure that they meet the high standards required for organic food under European law. When you buy organic you can be sure that the products you are buying:
• Contain no artificial additives or preservatives.
• Contain fewer pesticides. There are only 20 pesticides that can be used by organic farmers all of which are derived from natural ingredients. This is compared to almost 300 pesticides used in regular farming.
• Conform to high standards of animal welfare.
• Contain no genetically modified ingredients.
• Have been produced in a way that is sustainable.

It’s easy to get involved, just look for the organic logo or why not think about growing your own! The Soil Association says that by switching just one item in your shop to organic will help contribute to changing our food system. Buying more organic food means more organic farms so fewer pesticides which is better for our wildlife and means more farm animals raised under higher welfare standards.