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1 March 2019

Discover More with a Walking Holiday

Good for your health and your budget, a walking holiday in the UK is a wonderful way to discover our beautiful countryside and coastlines...

With National Walking Month taking place in May, it’s a great excuse to plan a walking holiday in the UK. Good for your health and your budget, it’s also a wonderful way to explore and enjoy our beautiful countryside and coastlines.

Walking in the woods

Whether you're after a seaside stroll on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path or you want to explore the rugged interior of Dartmoor or rolling hills of the South Downs, there's a walk to suit everyone.

Walking has a vast range of benefits for heart health, weight loss, bone density and cholesterol levels, not to mention mood and brain function. It also gives you some free-thinking time to ponder or solve problems and provides you with a personal sense of achievement when you arrive at your destination.

Top tips for a successful walking holiday:


Ensure you buy your walking boots or shoes well in advance so you can get used to wearing them.

Pack light

Make a list of the essentials and don’t be tempted to add extra items just in case.  You can cut the amount of clothes that you take by packing several small sachets of travel wash.  Pack versatile or dual purpose clothing, for example, zip-off walking trousers can be shorts for walking during the day and zipped back together for evening wear.

Don’t forget your plasters

Plasters are essential in case of blisters. It’s also sensible to carry a small first aid kit with basic medicines.

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re walking. Use a refillable water bottle – either a hard metal or plastic one – or a flexible plastic bottle that can be packed flat when empty. Carrying small food items, especially energy bars can take care of hunger pangs and replenish your energy quickly.

Keep yourself dry

A lightweight waterproof jacket with a hood is essential.  Look for one that will pack up small enough to carry in your rucksack but is substantial enough to keep off the morning and evening chill.

Protect yourself from the sun

Sunstroke will spoil your holiday so make sure you pack a cap or sunhat. It’s also important to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin so that you don’t burn.

Take the pressure off your knees

Hiking poles increase your stability and reduce the impact of walking on your knee joints and legs so you can walk for longer. They also support you on uneven, slippery or steep paths. Look out for poles that fold into sections so you can pack them in your rucksack when not in use.

Get yourself kitted out

Ideal for walking, our 100% waterproof boots and shoes for men and women will keep your feet protected whatever the weather. Choose from Minnie and Moose for women and Stanley and Livingstone for men.

Moose with Active Wool Seam-free Socks

Moose teamed with a pair of Active Wool Seam-free Socks

Wearing the right socks is just as important as wearing the right shoes. Our Active Wool Seam-free Socks are superb for walking. Stretchy and cushioning for comfort, they’re also breathable, anti-bacterial, odour resistant and great at absorbing moisture.

Make walking more comfortable with a specialist insole. Our Vionic Orthotics re-align your feet and reduce over-pronation while our Duo Soft Plus Insoles are ideal if you have arthritis or very sensitive feet.

Hiking poles increase your stability and reduce the impact of walking on your knee joints and legs. Our high-quality Folding Hiking Poles fold easily for carrying in your bag or rucksack. They have a contoured grip for comfort and are height-adjustable.

If your feet and legs are weary after all that walking, why not treat them to some well-deserved pampering with our Botanical Foot Soak and Tired Legs Cream.

Do you have any top tips for a successful walking holiday? Or a favourite walking area? Email us at community We’d love to hear from you.