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14 January 2019

What’s so special about Merino wool?

Merino are a breed of fine-wool sheep. Their fleece is known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of wool by the clothing industry but what exactly makes it so special?

The benefits of Merino Wool

Merino sheep were originally found in Turkey and central Spain and their wool was highly valued in the Middle Ages. Today, Merinos are still regarded as having some of the finest wool of any sheep. When their fleece is spun into a yarn it feels soft to the touch and is warm but still lightweight.

Merino wool has a number of benefits. It’s very good at regulating your body temperature which means it will insulate you when it’s cold and keep you cool when it’s hot.

It’s a breathable fabric, releasing heat away from your feet so you don’t get too warm. It’s also able to wick moisture away keeping feet feeling fresh and dry. This is one of the reasons why Merino wool is commonly used in high-end, performance athletic and outdoor wear.

Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial which means it deters bacteria and the subsequent odour. As it’s a natural fibre, it’s also good for people with sensitive skin as it won’t irritate and feels soft and silky to the touch.

Full wool Merino sheep
Full wool Merino sheep

A number of Cosyfeet socks contain Merino wool including our Wool-rich Softhold Socks, Wool-rich Knee High Socks, Wool-Rich Softhold Lightweight Seam-free Socks, and Supreme Comfort Socks.