A range of products, including our wide fit comfort shoes, socks and hosiery that won’t restrict your circulation, plus the REVITIVE Medic circulation booster which is scientifically proven to improve circulation.

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  1. Cape Mohair Medi Socks
    Cape Mohair Medi Socks
    As low as £19.50
    1 pair pack Code: SMF
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  2. Extra Roomy Softhold® Warm Ribbed Tights 80 Denier
    Extra Roomy Softhold® Warm Ribbed Tights 80 Denier
    As low as £27.00
    2 pair pack Code: KX
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  3. Thermal Softhold® Seam‑free Knee High Socks
    Thermal Softhold® Seam‑free Knee High Socks
    As low as £21.00
    1 pair pack Code: TQ
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Products for poor circulation

Good circulation is essential to good health and functioning of the body. When circulation begins to be reduced in the feet and lower limbs it can cause difficulties. Signs of poor circulation include a variety of symptoms such as poor healing, cold feet, cramping in the calf muscle, varicose veins, varicose eczema, blood clots and oedema.

Poor blood circulation can be caused by several factors including high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking, vascular disease, insufficient exercise, extended periods of sitting in a cramped immobile position and diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the main medical conditions that causes poor circulation, especially in the feet. High blood glucose levels can damage both the blood vessels and the nerves in your legs and feet. The complications of diabetes can lead to circulation problems and a lack of sensation, which increases the risk of sores and leg ulcers.

Poor circulation occurs naturally as we get older because our bodies simply become less efficient. Atherosclerosis in the arteries, more common in older age, can reduce the amount of blood flow in our legs and feet, and our veins become less able to carry blood back to our heart.

There are a number of things that you can do to improve your circulation. These include avoiding smoking and making sure you exercise frequently. Try to avoid staying immobile for long periods of time to help circulation in your feet.

If your feet and legs swell and you start experiencing foot pain consider resting with your feet raised up. You can prop your legs up with cushions to encourage fluid out of the legs or use a leg rest. You can also raise the base of your bed to achieve the same effect at night.

Wearing correctly fitted footwear can help keep your circulation at its best and improve blood flow. Consider choosing footwear that doesn't restrict or pinch your feet such as wide fit shoes and make sure you choose socks that are unrestrictive. Products for poor circulation, including correctly fitted compression hosiery, is an easy and beneficial way to help with the symptoms of poor circulation.

Cosyfeet footwear is incredibly wide, deep and roomy which means your feet will be comfortable throughout the day.

Find out more about poor circulation.