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15 January 2020

Beat Blue Monday... with hugs!

Monday 20th January is Blue Monday, otherwise known as ‘the most depressing day of the year’ – the third Monday in January has gained this nickname thanks to a combination of bad weather, high debt and failed New Year’s resolutions.

Did you know that Blue Monday is followed by National Hug Day? So, there is definitely a way to turn this Blue Monday lark into positivity. Research shows hugging can relieve stress and keeping warm can keep you well, which is especially good during this winter season.

6 health benefits of hugging:

  • Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which can heal feelings of loneliness.
  • Hugging can lift one’s serotonin levels which can elevate a mood and create happiness.
  • Hugging relaxes muscles to relieve aches and pains.
  • Hugs can help you communicate with others as it is a comforting type of touch.
  • Hugging can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear.
  • Hugs may boost your heart health as it can reduce blood pressure levels and heart rate.

6 warm Cosyfeet slippers that hug your feet:

  • Elise – Enjoy the comfy cushioned footbed

Elise slippers

This soft, adjustable bootee keeps ankles and feet cosy while the secure, touch-fastening strap adjusts to fit swelling.

  • Anna – Enjoy the wonders of wool

Anna slipper bootees

Luxurious wool slipper with genuine sheepskin lining. Touch-fastening strap adjusts to fit swollen feet & ankles. 

  • Dreamy – Enjoy cocooning your feet in warmth

Dreamy slippers

Stay warm in our snuggly, warm-lined bootee, designed to warm and insulate, ensuring feet and ankles stay cosy.

  • Sleepy - Enjoy this soft, warm-lined slipper

Sleepy slippers

Snuggle up this season in this adjustable, cosy slipper that's velvety to touch.

Robbie Warm-Lined slippers

Embrace wrap around warmth and support for your feet and ankles. Cushioned underfoot for greater comfort.

  • Rudolph - Enjoy luxury fleeced faux fur lining

Rudolph slippers

Keep even the coldest feet warm in these cosy, warm-lined slippers.

Discover our extra roomy slippers range here.

Another suggestion for banishing the Blue Monday feeling is to practise the Danish lifestyle trend of hygge. Learn how to hygge in our helpful guide