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10 October 2019

Snuggle up this Wool Week in comfort & style

Wool Week is about celebrating the benefits of wool and how good it can be to wear. Read on for our reasons to wear wool.

Wool Week runs between the 7th - 20th October and is hosted by The Campaign for Wool and their partron His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales. It was expanded to a 2 week celebration after the success of last year and to allow a longer time frame for promotions, events and workshops to take place. This year the campaign aims to inspire people to make a difference and choose wool.

Wool is a natural fibre with some amazing benefits. It can keep you cosy and warm in winter but cool and comfy in summer because of its natural climate control and breathability.

Wool is a naturally soft and stretchy material, that when worn as a slipper can mould to your feet for an ultra-comfy fit. The softness and comfort of wool makes it ideal for sensitive skin, and it’s hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect if you’re prone to allergies.

Wool is also very hardwearing, with sheep producing a fleece a year, it is a naturally renewable and sustainable source that is fast becoming an excellent alternative to leather.

Wool can be worn in many ways this season, as a jumper, shawl, hat or extra wide fit slippers.

One of the key features of a healthy shoe is that its climate should promote a healthy environment and wool does that perfectly. As well as being breathable, wool is also odour-resistant and wicks away moisture, so your feet stay healthy, fresh and dry. That’s year round comfort for extra wide and swollen feet.  


10 benefits of wool

      1. Ideal for sensitive skin, as it’s hypoallergenic
      2. Good for the environment and easy to recycle, as it’s biodegradable and renewable
      3. Helps you stay warm in winter and cool in summer, due to its natural climate control
      4. Feels soft and comfortable next to skin
      5. Easy to care for, as it can be washed on a wool cycle
      6. Extremely resilient and hardwearing, due to the complex structure
      7. The process of shearing sheep uses less energy than it does to produce synthetic materials
      8. Resistant to odour, bacteria and mould
      9. Has a natural protective outer layer which helps to prevent stains from being absorbed
      10. When worn as a slipper, can form to your feet for a comfy fit due to the natural elasticity which allows the fabric to gently stretch


We created a range called Purewool™ that includes beautifully simple, naturally warm and exceptionally comfy footwear. Our cosy, wool footwear is fantastic for sensitive feet.

Purewool™ slippers range

10 reasons to love our Purewool™ range

  1. Specially designed for swollen feet
  2. On-trend, Scandi-inspired styling
  3. Wool uppers & lining
  4. Footbed can be removed for extra depth – ideal for orthotics
  5. Washable at 30° on wool delicate setting - remove footbed before washing
  6. Flexible rubber sole is suitable for indoor & outdoor wear
  7. Deeper and roomier than it looks due to ‘hidden depth’ design
  8. Seam-free toe area is diabetic-friendly and ideal for sensitive feet
  9. Slipper styles feature a touch-fastening strap that can be adjusted to fit swelling
  10. Shoe style features an adjustable lace fastening for fitting flexibility

Frieda for women

This Scandi-inspired wool slipper is beautifully soft and virtually seam-free. Natural climate control regulates temperature while the breathable wool absorbs moisture, so your feet stay fresh, dry and comfy. This style is diabetic-friendly and has a touch-fastening strap that adjusts to fit swelling.

Shop this style.

Bjorn for men

The foot-shape design combined with the softness of wool make this an exceptionally comfy slipper. Virtually seam-free, and with lots of underfoot comfort, it’s a pleasure to wear if you have sensitive feet.

Shop this style.

Purewool™ slippers Frieda and Bjorn

Anna for women

Our much loved Anna slipper is blissful for sensitive feet. Enjoy the luxurious warmth. The wool upper moulds to your foot while the breathable, moisture-wicking sheepskin keeps feet fresh and dry.

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Donna for women and the NEW Benny for men

Exceptionally comfy and so easy to put on, these wool mules gently mould to your feet, minimise odour, wick away moisture and regulate temperature so you don’t overheat. 

Shop these styles.

Purewool™ slippers range

Wool socks

It's time to start welcoming the warmth of a wool sock. Forget itchy, heavy wool! Our fabulous Merino wool socks are soft and lightweight. They have excellent wicking to keep feet dry and are breathable and antimicrobial. No wonder it's used in high-end, performance sportswear and why we use it in our socks. Your feet will love them!

What’s so special about Merino wool?

  • Merino are a breed of fine-wool sheep. Their fleece is known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of wool by the clothing industry and is often used in high-end, performance athletic wear.
  • Merino wool is very comfy to wear as it’s lightweight and soft.
  • It’s breathable and has in-built climate control, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.
  • It wicks moisture away from your feet, so they stay fresh and dry. It’s also naturally antimicrobial, deterring bacteria and odour so no more smelly feet!
  • And as it’s a natural fibre, it’s great for people with sensitive skin as it won’t irritate.

Our Extra Roomy Wool‑rich Softhold® Seam‑free Cushioned Sole Socks and Wool‑rich Softhold® Seam‑free Cushioned Sole Socks are made from 72% Merino wool. This warm yet lightweight sock is supremely comfy. There are no seams to rub and the padding underfoot offers extra protection so it’s ideal if you have diabetes, hammer toes or tender feet. 

Our Extra Roomy Wool‑rich Knee High Socks and Wool-rich Knee High Socks are made from 70% Merino wool. The classic knee high wool sock has been a firm customer favourite for many years. Made in the UK, this extra roomy version offers added comfort as well as warmth. 

Our Extra Roomy Thermal Softhold® Socks and Thermal Softhold® Socks are made from 60% Merino wool. If you feel the chill around your feet and ankles, then these are the socks for you. They offer thermal insulation for swollen feet and legs.

Look out for our Merino wool feature icon on our sock product pages.

Merino wool feature icon

Socks and yarns

We hope this blog has inspired you to wear wool this season!