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31 January 2019

Customer request: Supportive footwear

Find out what Liz, our Cosyfeet Shop Manager & Fitting Expert says...

Customer request: I need a style which is supportive. What would you recommend?

Liz, Cosyfeet Shop Manager & Fitting Expert, says:
I often get asked this question by customers who come into our shop. Sometimes it’s because they do a lot of walking or it could be because they have fallen arches or they have had a stroke.

I often recommend a lace style especially if they are doing lots of walking but there are also a number of touch-fastening styles which offer good support.

For women, I would suggest styles such as Belle, Suzi or Audrey. Suzi is a favourite of mine. As well as being supportive, it’s great at accommodating swelling on the top of the foot. The bellows tongue is stitched at the sides so it won’t slip down as you put it on. There is no toe puff so the front is very soft, right down to the toes.

Suzi for women

For men I would recommend Max, Mason and Woody. Max is my favourite men’s lace-up. It seems to fit loads of different foot shapes and will accommodate a very swollen foot but also works well if you are less swollen as it offers good support around the ankle.

Max & Mason
Max and Mason for men